Thursday, July 22, 2010


An ongoing battle seemed to be going on inside my head , between the right and very wrong left parts. I waited for inspiration to strike , just like lightning , ( thank God inspiration is harmless!:D)and it did...coming from the most unexpected source.."CASTLE"

Ever since "CASTLE" began, for some reason I have been enamored by its introductory sequence...might also be due to the presence of " Nathan Fillion" .
Watching the rerun today , not for one moment losing interest , though i must admit the war was still on , Molly Quinn says something something something..."DRAMATIC PAUSE" and bingo there we had our winner!!

Thinking about it now the name does seem very apt as I do have a certain love towards the "dots ...." at the end of my sentences. I have no clue what this blog is going to be about , but i sure do know that it is going to be one hell of a journey for me .

PS: my inspiration to start a blog... all the people who blog and my mum!:)


  1. hey priyanka!! this is a great start!! all d very best!! hope to read a lot of ur entries soon!!

  2. Hello mam,

    Congrats for your achievement.