Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camera Chronicles ...

I have always been fascinated by balloons. My earliest memory of a balloon is buying them at the beach. Not those heart shaped balloons but regular coloured ones. Later came the shape balloons... you know those balloons which are shaped mostly as animals ... I think dogs or snakes or dragons? I would always bring home the balloons I bought and then they would just float around in my room until my brother burst it or the air just escaped.

Birthday parties were never complete without balloons... Balloon games, colour balloons depending on the favourite colour of the month. balloons just to burst... Balloons will definitely remain one of my favourite things....
 I clicked this picture at a school function. I edited it a little bit in terms of brightness and added a border.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Camera Chronicles...

I have always wanted a DSLR, to take mindblowing pictures just like the ones in lonely planet? where all the colours are vivid and everything looks just so beautiful. Begged, cried, used all my convincing powers but to no avail, I still had to use a samsung and later the nikon coolpix. They weren't bad and the pictures were close to mindblowing but no, I had it in my head that I had to have a DSLR . I eventually gave up and resolved to buy one with my own hard earned money.

That didn't happen because my father gave me one after all the crying, my mother believing that good professional pictures can be taken with the coolpix, he did get me one. My 22nd birthday, I woke up in the morning to my dad placing something on my bed and trying to sneak out before I realized what was happening. Lo behold, it was a dslr, the Cannon 600D.
I was thrilled, beyond happy. Felt the camera, played with the settings a little and took my first photo.

Was I thrilled or what ! Never had I been able to take such a picture with the coolpix. My mother had to agree with me after seeing this.( In retrospect ... there was never a problem with the coolpix .. I just didn't know how to take pictures!)  Ha! we took some family pictures, because we now had a GOOD camera. But after that day the camera was put in its cover, and kept safely in the cupboard. taken out during weddings, festivals, and of course birthdays !

It's been more than a year since I have taken  a good  any  picture with the camera, used the manual setting or generally just used it. So this new year one of my resolutions is to use the manual setting of my camera, just the manual setting and explore my camera more.

So, begin the Camera Chronicles.